"The best interest of the client
is the only interest to be considered."


Our mission is to provide the best possible financial security to every client, every day. My team only feels we've succeeded when our clients feel compelled to return to us as their financial planning needs grow and change. Even more telling is when our clients recommend their family, friends and colleagues to us to help with their financial planning.

To this end, my team works together to:

  • Listen first, discovering and uncovering important issues in the present and future.
  • Employ our knowledge, experience, vision and heartfelt values about what we do, to help create solutions for complex situations.
  • Advocate for the interests of associated persons, especially those loved ones and employees affected by, but not participating in, decisions we help our clients make.
  • Help create opportunities for families and business owners to preserve their accomplishments, protect the welfare of their families and increase their character and impact.
  • Embrace our calling with the same intensity, passion and affection we give to our own families.

Plan Now for Your Financial Future

You know what you value and desire out of life. The things you might not be prepared for are the challenges that may arise along the way. When it comes to financial security, planning for what you want your life to bring is the first step.

Choosing a firm with the ability and resources to help address those needs is the next step. I'm a wealth management advisor with over 40 years of experience and I take the time to understand your unique desires and goals. It's my job to learn about your accomplishments, your dreams and the challenges that lie ahead in order to strategically address any gaps in your financial plan, if you have one, or assist you to create one if you do not.

Through a comprehensive assessment of your current situation, my team and I will help you prioritize your goals and develop a workable strategy with clear action steps and timetables.

Not just today, but throughout your lifetime, my team will help you understand what you need to plan for and protect. You can feel confident about your financial future. Specializing in Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care, Health Insurance and Long-Term Investments, my team can help you build a strategy that puts your money WHERE you need it WHEN you need it!

To help our clients achieve their objectives, we strive to serve as a friend and advocate. Life's complexities leave little room for standard, cookie-cutter approaches, so my team uses a 4-step approach in working with his clients:

Planning Horizon graphic

Copyright 2016 The Legacy Companies, LLC. Concepts used in these materials used with permission from The Legacy Companies, LLC. Legacy Materials and Concepts are only made available to advisors in the Fee-Based Financial Planning program at Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company.

I am a member of Physicians Nationwide. Physicians Nationwide is a group of qualified and experienced Northwestern Mutual Financial Representatives who specialize in serving the unique financial needs of physicians.

My team understands that many doctors are challenged by:

  • Student loans
  • Low-paying residencies
  • Risk mitigation
  • The need to protect their most valuable asset – their ability to practice medicine.   


Build Your FoundationBuild Your Foundation for Life

See how Northwestern Mutual permanent life insurance offers protection along with cash value that is guaranteed to grow over time.

Build Your Foundation

Before you agree to receive financial planning services, please see complete information and disclosures in the NMIS Financial Planning Brochure (also called the ADV brochure) and review the terms of the NMIS Planning Engagement Agreement. These may be obtained from Timothy Radden.

Timothy E Radden, CLU®, AEP®, ChFC®, CLTC®

Wealth Management Advisor

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